Why do you need a smart helmet?

Do you have to stop to answer a phone call?

Do you hope to make a video recording when you are in emergency?

Do you signal the pedestrians behind you to turn?

If yes, don't heisitate to get a smart bike helmet.

Learn more about smart bike helmet
  • #1 Sports Camera

    With sports camera built-in, you can record everything at your will.

  • #2 Bluetooth & Stereo Audio

    Free your hands to answer or make a phone call, listen to music or navigation...

  • #3 Rear Signal Light

    Riders could give turning signal to pedetrains behind.

  • #1 1080p@60fps sports camera

    Built-in 1080p@60fps camera will give you more crucial video details.

  • #2 Dual antenna BT system

    Equiped with dual antenna BT system, it could guarantee strong connection with mobile phone.

  • #3 Turning Signal Light

    Riders could give 3 kinds of turning signal light(turn left, right, stop) via remote controller or voice commands.

  • #4 Remote Controller

    The 5 buttons remote control is fixed on bike handlebar, riders could operate signal lights, vieo recording, answer a phone call.

  • #5 Voice Activated

    Riders could operate video recording, picture snapshot, answering a phone call, turning on music by speaking out the commands.

  • #6 With ENC Technology

    With the ENC chipset, riders could hear clearly even in noisy street.

  • #7 Removable earmuff & goggle

    The helmet come with magnetic google, and earmuff special for winter use.

  • #8 Easy access to video & images via PC

    With a simple USB type-C cable, you can read and copy the videos and images from PC directly.

  • #9 Movable & washable lining

    The removable lining adopt breathable material, you can wash it regularly.

  • #1 1080p@30fps camera

    With 1080p@30fps sports camera for video recording and picture captureing.

  • #2 Direct Acces via Samrt Phone

    Riders could access the video and pictures directly via a cable.

  • #3 Front Flood Light

    The front flood light allow riders to see within 5-8M at night.

  • #4 Rear Signal Light

    Riders could give three kind of signal light to pedestrains behind by pressing the rear light manually.

  • #5 Interface & Buttons

    Under the waterproof rubber seal, riders could find SD card slot/charging port, as well as camera & flood light switchs.

  • #6 Head Circumference Adjust & Helmet Size

    54~63cm head circumference adjustm

  • #7 Difference of two models

    The two differences between economic commuting helmet and economic sports helmet.

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What's the total weight of the helmet?

440g without goggle and earmuff.

What are the helmet materials?


How long will the battery last?

6 hours

What head size does this helmet fit?

We provide two size for options: M(54-58cm); L58-62cm)

How long is the Warranty

1 year

What's the delivery time?

It will take 6-8 days generally.

What's the price for batch purchase?

Please write to frank.jiang@primeindustryco.com for OEM price.

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