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Welcome to primemotogear, your go-to destination for cutting-edge gears special for outdoor sports enthusiasts, our gears are tailored for motorcycle, bicycle, skiing, surfing, and more.!

Powered by Shenzhen Prime Industry Co., Ltd., our source factory with a stellar track record in OEM business for major overseas brands, our products assure quality and performance.

Explore our curated collection, from intelligent bike helmets prioritizing safety and style to chic smart sunglasses seamlessly blending fashion and technology.

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Smart Bike Helmet

4K Wearable Camera

  • Very satisfied!

    All as described on the website. The Mesh intercom has very good connection quality, its operation is very good. Example: at 60 km/h, open helmet and in phone call the other person only hears our voice! You don't hear the bike or the traffic noise think we are at home in peace.

    Motorcycle Helmet Intercom 
  • Very cool bike helmet!

    I've been using this helmet for a month now, and it's been great. The camera quality is excellent, and the signal lights are very helpful for visibility. The Bluetooth feature is a bonus, I don't have to take out my phone when I am riding, safety guaranteed!

    Smart Bike Helmet 
  • It is amazing sunglass.

    It's hard to say it's a sunglasses or a camera, it's well designed. The glasses are light and don't press into your temples, making them comfortable for all-day wear. Plus, the video quality is unmatched. Everyone need such an item especially when you go for a ride.

    Sport Camera