What’s the difference between Bluetooth headphone and walkie-talkie?

What’s the difference between Bluetooth headphone and walkie-talkie?


First of all, both products are designed for wireless communication in short distance, and they work with each other without local network servers. But there are some differences between them, users could choose the right products for their application.

Working frequency:

Although they are wireless communication, Bluetooth headphone work at 2.4G Hz frequency while walkie-talkie work around 409~410MHz frequency.

Working distance:

Bluetooth headphone generally could work within 100-300M, for our motorcycle helmet headphone could work with 1200Km in open space, within some typical city environment, with high and dense buildings, it could work well within 800Km. For walkie-talkie, it could work within 2-3Km in open space generally, the distance would be shortened in city environment.

Power Consumption:

Bluetooth headphone come with in-ear speaker, it saves the power supply dramatically, the total consumption is only around 0.05W, as our helmet headphones are built in 800m Battery, it could support at least 15-18 hours continuous working. While walkie-talkie is built in horn, it’s power consumption is about 0.5~1W, users have to recharge or change battery from time to time.

Anti-interference performance:

As Bluetooth earphone’s work frequency is much higher than walkie-talkie, it’s transmission waves are much shorter, and penetrability is much better, therefor, it’s anti-interference performance is much better. While for walkie-talkie, it’s easier to be interfered by other devices in the neighborhood, such as radio, taxi driver’s intercom and so on. Of course, there are also some other devices work at the same frequency with Bluetooth earphone, like WIFI devices, but WIFI signal covering is generally within buildings because it has to do with gateway.

Working mode:

For Bluetooth earphone, uses need not to process by hands, it’s a totally hands-free working mode, but the walkie-talkie has to be operated by hands, generally, users have to keep pressing the key to speak.

User Capacity

For Bluetooth earphone, users need to pair their devices one by one, mostly, it could only get 2-12 peoples in one network, with Mesh network technology, it could allow up to 32 riders to communicate. While there is no limit for walkie-talkie.

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